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Raso Extreme Consulting:

With a combined 100 years of Executive Management, Sales and Recruiting experience our team is poised to engage your business. We practice candor at all levels and only work with clients that can practice the same methodology. Our goal is to get to the “critical few” issues and “critical few” opportunities as quickly as possible. This allows us to focus on “outcomes” rather than the “issues”.

We specialize in developing comprehensive strategies for leadership/business management, M&A activity, talent acquisition and customer acquisition.

Our consultants have significant past performance in the following:

  • Business Startup and Turnaround
  • Corporate Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Recruitment Branding and PR
  • Talent management and evaluation
  • Acquisition/Exit Strategies

Recent past performance:

  • Product focused VAR needing to increase bottom line by introducing a service model. Created from scratch strategic offering partnering with product sales reps. In less than 3 years introduced $15mm in new business with an average of 30% margin. This allowed for company acquisition and exit strategy for owner at 40% premium over just product sales.
  • Recently acquired a staffing firm without clear due diligence. Brought in to evaluate structure, contracts, employees, and strategy. Uncovered significant customer opportunities based on contracts in place and not being capitalized. Uncovered risk factor of zero customer acquisition strategy.
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Growing SEO software company struggling to acquire internal engineers. Worked with CEO to create offshore RPO strategy to eliminate staffing fee’s that saved the company over $200,000 in fee’s in one year.

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