RPO Vs. Staffing: How do they differ?

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You will have two choices, it’s either you go for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or for a staffing agency. The question is, what is their difference and which one suits your recruitment needs?

Here is how the two differ from each other:


RPO firms assume full control of the process. They handle every step of the recruiting process, from searching candidates to hiring workers, and even employees’ exit process when they leave the company. Simply put, RPO firms are 100% responsible for a business’ recruiting functions. Staffing agencies on the other hand only function when hiring needs arise and supplies the need for “temp-to-hire” employees. The main goal of a staffing agency is to fill a position fast and as quickly as possible. Instead of reacting to need, an RPO firm works as an extension of the organization and build pipelines for talent to make sure that the business is always prepared before staffing shortages become a major problem.

Direct and Contract to Hire

RPO works as a direct hire recruiting firm that provides you different candidates to choose from for a full-time position. Whenever you need a new employee, you will provide your list of desired skills and the RPO firm will do its job. In contrast, a staffing agency works as a contract to hire firm that provides flexibility since the hired worker won’t be permanent from the beginning. In staffing, you’ll have the option to either hire the worker full-time or let him go once the contract expires.

Quality of Hires

Staffing agencies are proven to be effective especially for those who are looking for temporary employees. But the rapid hiring process often indicates that candidate satisfaction and quality of hire is not taken into consideration. Since RPO firms act as an extension of a company, they have qualitative metrics where the quality of hire and hiring manager is the primary focus.

There is always a need for talent everywhere around the world. As businesses grow, new positions develop and so is the need to fill them. This calls for quality hires in a timely manner. Since growth and turnover constantly storm a business, make sure you have the right recruitment process outsourcing solutions to adapt to the sudden changes caused by these threats.

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