If you have not noticed, the “Perfect Candidate” does not exist!

If you have not looked around Jobless Claims falls down 44-year low and the trend moving to Freelancers is on the rise. Salaries across the board are on a 3% rise year over year for the last 4 years (Tech salaries some estimate over 5% y/y). So what does all that say to you who need to hire and get the best candidates? It’s not time to be picky on skills; it’s time to be picky on culture fit.

Too many companies today become short sided on exact “skills” and don’t invest into cultural fit, growth and alliance. With technology emergence changing at lightning speed, perhaps it is time for companies to re-evaluate how and who they are hiring? Let’s look:
1-With salary growth and companies like Amazon/Google etc., brand powers paying top dollar, how do you compare? If you can’t pay more than what the “Brand” companies are paying you have to make a change? Are you prepared to adjust your own current employees’ salaries to market rate or are you ready to lose them?
2-Do you have a program to groom talent? Or are you on a hamster wheel trying to find “right now” talent?
3-Contractors/Freelancers are not a bad thing! They can groom your employees and ramp them up and then leave until you need them again. Do you have a plan?
4-Who in your company is afraid of using skill sets outside the “Walls” of your company? Remote workers? Offshore? Why is that? What is the fear?
5-Culture is NO LONGER free lunches or jeans on Fridays! Do you know what the workforce really wants?

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