Our team members take our training program and then mold that to follow our clients’ processes. We partner with each of our customers individually to map out a customized process based on our their needs.
Raso Solutions delivery managers will work with you to build a custom script and process designed to attract the top talent for you, based on our industry experience and best practices.
Raso Solutions DTMs are trained in EEO guidelines. Our leadership team works with each client to ensure that all interview questions meet appropriate EEO criteria.
Our delivery team has been specifically trained in the areas of IT, engineering, accounting/finance, healthcare, construction, life science and administrative/clerical. We drive results in recruitment in these areas nationwide!
Exceptional communication skills are the key to our recruiters’ success. Our recruiting center is located in the Philippines, where everything from newspapers to television shows to street signs are written in English. To that extent nearly 800,000 people in the Philippines work in the business process outsourcing industry, primarily serving U.S. clients.
Raso Solutions uses VOIP technology and can set up local U.S. area codes anywhere in the U.S. Our clients never pay local or long distance phone charges. Our one monthly bill includes all technology support services.
Our team can easily and does most often work within our client’s applicant tracking systems using web access or remote desktop solutions. Such systems are very easy to set up. We are working for you and these are your resumes and/or leads. There are plenty of remote desktop solutions, some as simple as a browser.
Data security is a serious issue wherever work is being done. As such, we have a comprehensive set of controls in place around employee and physical security, such as computers with no export devices, confidentially agreements with employees, security personnel, etc. Additionally, if you opt to have overseas staff work out of your system, the data will continue to reside on your corporate servers and your Raso Solutions delivery team will never actually store any data on their server. Your info is always YOUR info.

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