Our Training Process



Delivery Team Members Foundation: Each member of our delivery team has been trained by American Business Award winner for Best Sales Trainer in the U.S.!

Screening First: Each Raso Solutions employee is screened based on a Top Grading scorecard geared on competitive winning and a customer service mindset.

Sourcing: We train our team to exploit the job boards and internet for candidates of all skill sets.

Call Scripts: We train our team on a methodology that starts with building rapport, asking about candidate’s current and ideal situation, selling the job/company we are recruiting to fill, negotiation of salary, understanding what the candidates have in the loop for other interviews/offers, and then CLOSING based on all the above criteria. Raso team members can use our methodology or yours, or combine the two. Either way, you can trust the solid foundation of our team members training and methods.

Get References: We train our team to get references up front. Based on the needs and type of service you purchase we can verify references for you as well.

Getting Leads: We train our team to also source for leads from the candidates with whom they speak. Based on the type of service you purchase, you could potentially get leads each day from our team.


Our goal is to get you the best possible candidate, not just the first available.

Our team will recruit on your behalf in any way that you would like, using any script you need.

Each of our DTM’s are dedicated to one client only, working solely on that clients behalf. DTM’s log 45 hours per week, which is approximately 40 productive hours (after lunch and breaks).

The DTM’s work any hours that are determined most advantageous by our clients. While our recruiters typically work the local business hours of our clients, our recruiting centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of our clients capitalize on this advantage by having their recruiters work into the evening hours, to better enable them to get in touch with candidates after the U.S. workday.


Data is critical for us and for our customers. Our DTM’s are measured and compensated based on meeting client expectations. Raso Solutions offers an “Implementation phase” to our clients in which one of our Account Executives helps clients determine the metrics that matter the most, as well as the required levels of performance for those metrics. Those goals are then tied to our team’s internal compensation. When we openly measure and report data trends they become easier to identify and utilize on behalf of our clients.

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