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Why Raso Solutions?
Our unique delivery model has provided consistent results throughout our history.  In 2015 alone, Raso Solutions assisted clients in placing over 475 IT professionals and 215 Administrative/Accounting/Marketing professionals.

We are the ultimate sourcing partner for your Talent Acquisition team, Human Resources function or Staffing Delivery mechanism.  You control the direction, you increase your funnel of qualified candidates, you flex to meet the staffing requirements of your business and you pay a flat fee per month! It’s that easy!

Raso Solutions is an RPO business built on integrity and hard working values.
While our company is young, our values are old fashioned; we believe the customer is always right and that hard work pays off. We believe that consistency in process results in consistency in recruitment of candidates which drives sales forward. Our process dovetails with our customers’ processes to create a seamless integration and brand building for our customer. People are our business, and for that reason, we adhere to our core values in order to replicate results… EVERY TIME.

We believe that our company is the best in the industry, and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that to our clients. Every action a Raso Solutions team member takes is meant to surpass our customers expectations. It’s really that simple. If we can do that consistently, while abiding by our standards and ethics, our company will grow while contributing to the profitable growth of our customers.

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