5 Tips on Hiring the Right Candidate Even on a Tight Budget

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Running a startup company will be challenging especially when hiring the right candidates for your business. With big companies dominating the market, it is only natural that job seekers will opt to find careers where they’ll feel more secure. After all, the work they’ll choose will be responsible for keeping the roofs above their heads and of course make sure their stomachs are being fed.

Be a smart recruiter. Act intelligently and conserve your funds by availing of recruitment process outsourcing services that will set-up cost-effective and efficient strategies for you to find the right employees without spending too much. Here are five tips on how to woo the right candidates even if you’re fueling the quest on a tight budget.

Tip 1 – Make Your Company Known

Before your candidates will agree to an interview, they will be researching and doing some background check on your company. This does not only help them prepare for the interview but also enable them to learn more about your business as a whole and what it can offer to potential hires. This is where you have to make sure that your company’s brand will shine by focusing more on people and not just on products. Start by being creative and making your company culture stand out on your social media pages and website through exciting bits of company activities and success stories of your employees. The aim is for potential hires to contemplate that your company is a “great” place to work.

Tip 2 – Make Use of Recruitment Tools

Nowadays, with the perks of technology, we no longer have to do everything by hand. There are various recruitment tools available online that’ll help you find promising candidates. Automated resume screening is one of the best sourcing tools that will remove time-consuming administrative task like screening resumes manually. The hiring volume is expected to increase year after year. You can also solicit employee referrals as this can spare you from expenses on advertising by motivating your current employees to recommend people. To be a wise recruiter, you’ll need automated tools and employee referrals to be competent in recruitment even if you’re on a tight budget.

Tip 3 – Be an Accommodating and Professional Host

It’s important that you establish a comfortable atmosphere for your job candidates. Make them feel welcome to make a first good impression. Train and prepare your interviewers so that they make sure everything is right on recruitment standpoint. Make sure everyone on the recruitment team is on the same page so that candidates don’t have to repeatedly exhaust themselves on relaying the details of their resumes. The key is for you to be consistent to extensively examine candidates against one another.

Tip 4 – Give a Well-Rounded Offer

Even if you don’t have the highest rates, employees are willing to negotiate their salary expectations as long as you have a well-rounded work environment. By offering flexible schedules, health and retirement benefits can make your company no matter how small – seem pleasant.

Tip 5 – Provide Genuine Feedback

Candidates invest their time and effort to be present during the interview. You at least owe them an honest feedback on whether you decide to hire them. Avoid canned responses that may lead them on. Treat every candidate with care. If they don’t meet the qualifications, inform them upfront. As what Carl W. Buehner said, “they may forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Communicate with your candidates in a way that’ll leave a remarkable experience.

Rather than wasting money and effort on advertising every open position on different job boards, concentrate on qualified candidates. Save time on sorting applications and filter individuals who are unqualified by letting a recruitment outsourcing online specialist do the work for you. You will not only be able to make quicker hiring decisions but also save on staffing costs. Most candidates don’t need grandeur just to make them feel valued. Just treat them right and the rest will follow – even if you’re on a tight budget.

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