3 Ways to Build a Successful Team that Lasts

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To be a great leader is to have the ability to inspire and motivate others, as John C. Maxwell quotes “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shoes the way.” It takes a great leader to build a great team. A leader should not be afraid to make the difficult decisions, take risks, and constantly aim for improvement. He should be keen in understanding his people, their strengths and what makes them motivated to work. To build a great team requires the effective management of egos and goes beyond the constant demand for warranted attention and recognition.

Many businesses avail of recruitment process outsourcing services to make sure they get the right team. Little do they know, building a great team requires the “know-how” to make sure it lasts and becomes successful. Mastering the “art of people” and knowing how each employee thinks will help you to best make use of their core competencies. As you assess the sustainability of your team and its huge impact on your organization, here are 3 ways to build a successful team that lasts.


You must be completely aware of your leadership style and techniques. Identify if they are effective and accepted by your team. Evaluate and accept room for improvements especially if they can benefit greatly the team you are leading. Make yourself accountable and alter your approach when necessary to make sure you are a leading figure of strength and respect. Be flexible to be prepared for any problems you may face. Most importantly, be aware of who you are as a leader.

Know your team

Make time to know the group you are leading. They are not there to be treated as your slaves. It is your duty to identify the strengths and capabilities of your team – what each member can bring to the table. Always encourage camaraderie as a leader to maximize performance and results. Caring and understanding each team member’s needs are vital in making them feel their significance. Understand and invest time on how to motivate your team so that you can lead them to excel beyond expected.

Define roles/responsibilities clearly

Each team member has unique strengths and differences that you can convert for the benefit of your company. Just because it is what’s stated in their job descriptions doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they can do. Most people find their ideal roles are outside their job descriptions. You must evaluate your people not on their ability to work on their role but even more on how they fit the company culture and how they work together with the team.

It may appear simple but building a successful team is not that easy. As a leader you must be aware that your people are not mechanical beings like robots – they need your empathy. Be proactive with giving feedback on each of your team members. The right outsourced recruiting solutions enables you to communicate and have full control of your team to assure that they stay on track. People will always love recognition. Taking the time to acknowledge and reward your team for a job well done will be more appreciated and respected. Be a genuine and thoughtful leader that pays attention to their efforts.

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